I am so honored to serve as your Governor General. We have a lot of work to accomplish in a short time. As you know, our Society was forced to cancel our Annual Council due to the hurricane in South Carolina. Therefore, I will only be serving an eighteen (18) month term. My project will be Membership, Scholarship and support of Native American Schools. My scripture is “Honor other above yourselves.” Romans 12:10. My theme is Walking Bear. Bears are prominent in Native American Folklore. They are a symbol of strength and wisdom and are often associated with healing and medicine. And being from California what better theme?

I am thrilled to tell you about the Society’s plans. We have a new classification of membership. If you are a direct descendant of a Native American, you will be recognized with a certificate and the opportunity to purchase our new insignia teepee pin that can be worn on your official ribbon.

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We have always had this designation but now you will be distinguished as a direct descendant!

We also have two new chairmanships – Awards and Social Media.  The Awards Chairman will present awards as part of her report. So be sure to get your reports in to your National counterpart. We want you to receive an award for a job well done. The second new chairmanship is Social Media. We are launching a public and private Facebook page. This is very exciting as we will be able to post events from State and Chapter Societies to generate interest in membership.

Our Website Chairman Beverly Baker will be revamping our website. We will be posting forms, National and State Officer contact information, Bylaws etc. on the site. We will also have a new password protected members only site.

In addition, we are updating our Bylaws, Handbook and will also have a new Yearbook. They have not been updated for quite a while. Shelby Ward is our Bylaws Chairman with members Mary Armstrong and Nancy Kilbourn. They will be reviewing all the amendments that have been adopted to assure they are a part of our current Bylaws. Handbook Chairman, Rebecca Eisenman will be working on our Handbook. If you have served as a National Officer or Chairman and have suggestions for duties of your office or chairmanship, please contact Rebecca. Karon Jarrard is serving as our Yearbook Chairman. Please be sure to complete a Change of Membership form for any changes such as address, telephone number or email address. This form will be sent to myself, the Registrar General, Corresponding Secretary General and the Yearbook Chairman. If you have a death in your Society, please inform the Chaplain General.

Judy Hull is our new Calumet Editor. Please send photos and events that are happening in your State or Chapter. We all want to hear what everyone is doing. It gives us ideas for our meetings.

As I mentioned earlier, my project is to provide support to Native American schools with books or supplies. This is in addition to our two scholarships. For a $45 donation to this project, you will receive a smaller version of the walking bear pin National Officers wear. I hope you will consider donating to this project.

Again, we have a lot of work to accomplish in a short time and I look forward to working with all of you to give our Society a more prominent face and grow in membership. I am available with any questions or concerns by telephone, email or snail mail.

In Bonds,
Cher Sesma
Governor General