Membership Information

Welcome to the Membership inquiry page. We are so glad you are interested in our wonderful organization.  Please feel free to browse the information on our web pages and if you think you have an ancestor that qualifies your membership,  contact me by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

Thank you,

Sheila Beatty
Membership Committee Chairman


Any woman who is a citizen of either the United States of America, The Dominion of Canada, or Mexico, of good moral character, who is not less than sixteen years of age, shall be eligible to membership, provided that she shall be personally acceptable to the Society and shall be the lineal descendant of a Native or immigrant American ancestor who participated in any capacity in actual hostilities, one against the other, or in any other activity with each other, during the period May 14, 1607 to 1900.


  • 1607 – 1622  Jamestowne

  • 1637 The Pequot War

  • 1689-1763 French and Indian War

  • 1790-1832 Midwestern Conflicts (Fallen Timbers, Black Hawk War, Tippecanoe, and some battles of the War of 1812, etc.)

  • 1860-1879 Southern Plains Wars

  • 1877 Nez Perce War

  • 1675-1678 King Philip’s War

  • 1763 Pontiac’s Conspiracy

  • 1813-1842 Creek and Seminole Wars

  • 1850 Rouge River Wars

  • 1846-1863 Navaho Wars

  • 1680-1692 The Pueblo Revolt

  • 1774 Lord Dunmore’s War

  • 1854-1890 Sioux Wars

  • 1872-1873 Modoc War

  • 1861-1900 Apache Wars


  • Missionary to the Indians

  • Interpreter

  • Teacher

  • Trader / Agent

  • Mayflower Ancestor

  • Provider of settler protection