A Message from Governor General Cher Sesma – July 13, 2020


There has been an issue with the Calumet. It was mailed out on June 3rd but several members including myself have not received one. The revised Bylaws and Standing rules were included in this issue to be voted on in September at Annual Council. In an effort to insure everyone received the Bylaws I am forwarding the revision to you. If you are a State Governor please forward to your members. If there are Chapters in your state please forward to all Chapter Presidents to forward to their members. Thank you for your attention to this. We need to update the current. Bylaws.

Cher Sesma
CSDIW Governor General


CSDIW-Bylaws Complete Rev Art 1-24

CSDIW-Standing Rules Revised-NAT

Electronic Meetings – Scenario A

Electronic Meetings – Scenario B

Electronic Meetings – Scenario C

Electronic Meetings – Scenario D

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