About Us

The object of Continental Society Daughter of Indian Wars is be to assist and encourage the preservation of records and historic sites associated with our native and immigrant American Ancestors, to cherish the memory of those native and immigrant Americans who waged war and/or committed other acts of hostility one toward the other in defense of their people’s freedom, liberty and ideals, to strengthen fellowship and to encourage cooperation between descendants of native and immigrant Americans, to foster in a spirit of patriotism, the support and enforcement of all treaties and laws made and agreed upon between the State and Federal governments and the several tribes, bands and nations of Native Americans, to publish a lineage book of the names and ancestral data of members of the Society, and original materials related to this aspect of American History.



Represents the East Wind which brought the rising sun to warm the earth so the Indians could grown crops.


Represents the North Wind which brought snow and drove the buffalo south so the Indians could survive.


Represents the South Wind which was a gentle wind that made life more comfortable.


Represents the West Wind which brought the night so the Indian could rest.