Our February 2022 issue of the Calumet will be in your mailbox soon. This issue will be arriving a bit later due to the changing health restrictions in the District of Columbia.
Since we are working on a short timeline, I have decided to email this CALL to the 34th CSDIW Spring Board meeting to you….to assist our Treasurer General Shirley Arendt!!! Please mail your checks to her as soon as possible.

Reservation deadline is 1 March 2022.

You will notice on the CALL (click here or click on image below)
in RED text is the latest Washington, D.C.

D.C. has relaxed their Covid-19 restrictions.

UPDATE: The District of Columbia Covid-19 vaccination policy has relaxed.

Effective Immediately (Feb. 23, 2022): The Army and Navy Club will NOT require proof of current vaccination.

As of March 1, 2022 – no masks are required inside the Club.

The Army Navy Club has been very generous in moving our deposit ahead for these past 2 years.

We look forward to seeing everyone ‘in person’ in Washington, D.C. on March 31, 2022.
Helene Werner
Governor General