Continental Society Daughters of Indian Wars

Object of the Society

The object of this Society shall be to assist and encourage the preservation of records and historic sites associated with our native and immigrant American ancestors; to cherish the memory of those native and immigrant Americans who waged war and/or committed other acts of hostility together or one against the other in defense of their people’s freedom, liberty and ideals; to strengthen fellowship and to encourage cooperation between descendants of native and immigrant Americans; to foster, in a spirit of patriotism, the support and endorsement of all treaties and laws made and agreed upon between the state and federal governments and the several tribes, bands, and nations of Native Americans; to publish a lineage book of the names and ancestral data of members of the Society, and original materials relating to this aspect of American history and promote and support worthy programs and projects of educational benefit to Native American Indians.

Helene Werner
Governor General

“For the body is not one member, but many.”
1 Corinthians 12:14 KJV


Membership, Scholarship, and support
of Native American Schools

Welcome to the Continental Society website. CSDIW was organized in Atlanta, Georgia in 1988.  Our organization is comprised of women who are citizens of either the United States of America, The Dominion of Canada, or Mexico,  who are not less than sixteen years of age and is the lineal descendant of a Native American or Immigrant American ancestor who participated in any capacity, such as Passive Service, or in actual hostilities, one against the other, during the period May 14, 1607 to 1900. Acceptable service is listed on the Membership page of this website.

Our objectives are to strengthen fellowship and to encourage cooperation between descendants of Native Americans and Immigrant Americans; to preserve records and historic sites associated with Native Americans; to promote education through scholarships to Native American Students, and to provide books and school supplies to Native American schools.

My theme for this administration is the Turtle. The Turtle is an important symbol in Native American symbolism. It represents Mother Earth and signifies good health and long life. My Scripture is “For the body is not one member, but many.”  By supporting the education of Native Americans, we can make a difference.

We encourage the membership of descendants of Native Americans.  If you are a direct descendant of a Native American, you will be recognized with a certificate and the opportunity to purchase our new insignia teepee pin that can be worn on your official ribbon.

If you are interested in membership click Membership in the top navigation menu.

Helene Werner

Governor General

- Marion Beck Pollard, Missouri Member

“Our Handclasp of Friendship Shall Endure.”